What is Mizuhiki?

In Japan, there is a custom known as “Kibitsu-chinshi”, which implies your feelings by giving gifts or things rather than speaking. Mizuhiki is one of these customs. It has been tied to show various emotions: wishing happiness and hopes at celebrations, and for sending messages of condolence.

We would like to revive this beautiful and thoughtful custom of Mizuhiki to the world today. That is why we are trying to discover new types of Mizuhiki.

A mizuhiki cord is made from Japanese paper called ” washi” shredded, twined, glued and dried. There are many types of Mizuhiki. The one made of artificial silk strings is sober, the one wrapped in thin, gold and silver films is stunning.


The Mizuhiki is made from Japanese paper Washi.

Mizuhiki is tied by handicrafts.



aioi – Mizuhiki chopstick rest

A set of Mizuhiki chopstick rest and chopsticks express a welcome message for guests.
Please set chopsticks at both ends of the chopstick rest and place its end on top during the meal.
You can use the chopstick rest several times after wiping it with a firmly squeezed cloth.

“aioi” knot

An “Aioi” knot was used in the scene “wishing for both together” in old days. It means love tied up deeply, and friendship wishing luck for each other.

Product info.

・Color : Gold, Silver, Green, Purple, Brown

・Material:Mizuhiki (Washi paper) , Chopsticks (Wood)



Mizuhiki cocktail sticks

Mizuhiki cocktail stick with ”Ume (Japanese plum)” knot can be widely used in many scenes such as celebrations, for the finger foods, cheese and fruit. The “ume” knot is an auspicious symbol that opens luck.

Product info.

・Color : Gold, Silver, Green, Purple, Brown

・Material:Mizuhiki (Washi paper) , Sticks (Wood)







Mizuhiki hair comb

A beautiful hair comb featuring with an Aioi knot, made with Mizuhiki (Washi paper string wrapped with artificial thread). It’s very light and comfortable to use. Perfect for elegant style.

Product info.

・Color : Purple, Brown

・Material:Mizuhiki (Washi paper) , Comb (Wire)







Mizuhiki hair tie

A beautiful hair tie featuring with an Aioi knot and ”Ume (Japanese plum)” knot, made with Mizuhiki (Washi paper string wrapped with artificial thread). It makes you look & feel fabulous. You could wear it as a casual bracelet.

Product info.

・Color : Gold, Silver

・Material:Mizuhiki (Washi paper) , Tie (rubber)






about m90 desin room

The mizuhiki designing group by Naoko Shibukawa and Akio Yanagi. It’s presided by BCA Corporation which produces spatial design and re-design traditional crafts. In 2012, they presented interiors and table wares using mizuhiki. In the same year, they participated in “Japan Touch” held at Lyon, France. In 2013, joined product developments for select shops, offering the use of mizuhiki suitable for contemporary lives in and outside Japan.

The “m” in our name “m90 design room” stands for the “m” of Mizuhiki and the “90” comes from the length of the Mizuhiki, which is 90 centimeters. Mizuhiki expresses various emotions in a limited length of 90 centimeters. We hope you enjoy this intricate world of knots together with us.